Tips for the IGNOU MSW BSW Exams Cracking

Numbers of students from various parts of India asked me for some tips about how to crack the IGNOU MSW exams. Here I am writing a blog post about how to pass the IGNOU MSW exam.

First of all, the MSW / BSW question papers have many lengthy questions like 600 words, 300 words, and 150 words. So I will suggest you to do some writing practice so that you can attempt the whole paper. It is very necessary to attempt all of the questions for getting good marks.

I will suggest you to start the question paper from the 100 words short questions and try to finish all of them within half hour or 40 minutes. Then go for the 150 words question paper and try to finish within 45 minutes. The long questions take long time to think the content and write.

I will also suggest you to download previous years question papers and try to make some short notes so that you can cover the whole topics easily. Try to make handmade notes as they are very easy in doing the revision.

Do not reproduce the bookish language in the exam. Try to write in your own language. Keep the short but clear titles and draw figures if necessary. Paragraphs should be concise.

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