IGNOU PGDRD Project – IGNOU RDD 05 Project Work – IGNOU PGDRD Research Paper

PGDRD i.e. post graduate diploma in rural development is one of the popular courses in the IGNOU. If you have good interest about the rural development, then this course is very much useful for you.

If you want to do MBA in rural development, this course will help you in learning the basics of rural development.

In this course of IGNOU, you have to submit the PGDRD Project. For this RDD 05 Project Work, you have to write the project synopsis first and after getting the approval from your supervisor, you need to write the final Research Paper for completing the Project Work of PGDRD.

We are also providing help and guidance of making the RDD 05 Project Work. I will teach you about how to prepare the research synopsis for the PGDRD Project of IGNOU and also give you suggestions on data collections, literature review and all other points that we have to cover in this PGDRD Research Paper.

So if you are interested, you can contact at

Harishchandra123@gmail.com or call at 09716980784

IGNOU PGDRD Research Paper

IGNOU PGDRD Research Paper

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