List of Questionnaires While Taking an Interview during the Case Work With Child

Data-Collection-ToolsDuring the social work practice, you will do case work. In this session, you have to collect information about your client with the help of questions. You can use various kinds of questionnaires for the case work session. Asking question is one of the most important data collection tools.

Here is the list of some of the basic questions to be asked while taking an interview with the client.

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Sex
  4. Birth placeSocial Case Work
  5. Education
  6. Daily wages
  7. Duty hours
  8. Type of work
  9. Nature of work
  10. School dropout reasons if any
  11. Father name
  12. Father education
  13. Father occupation
  14. Father Salary
  15. Mother Name
  16. Mother education
  17. Mother occupation
  18. Mother Salary (if working)
  19. Numbers of siblings
  20. Siblings details
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