Importance of Field Work In Social Work Course

Importance of Field Work In Social Work Course

Field work is one of the essential parts of the social work course. Either you are doing BSW or MSW, field work is very important for getting the professional social work skills.

With the field work practice, you will receive information about how the NGO works. It is very important to learn about the NGO management, if you want to be a professional social worker.

While doing the field work, you will meet with several people in the field. This will enhance your communication skills. The very basic characteristic of the social worker is having the effective communication skills. You will deal with several cases while doing the field work that will give you an idea about how to make plans for solving the problems.

The field work practice is also very important for gaining the real experience of problems. You will see about how the people are facing problems in their daily life.

In the IGNOU MSW course, you have to perform 45 days of field work. These 45 days are very important for every student for gaining the professional social work attitude.

The field work practice also provides information on how the NGO prepare the planning and projects.

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