How to Write a Case Study

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Case study is one of the most important tasks in the social work field. During the case study, you have to write a report about the beneficiary. Here are some of the tips using that you can start working on case study.

  • First of all visit to the community and find your hero. (Hero is the person on which you are going to write case study).
  • Ask him/her about the family background, siblings, education profile and other general information.
  • Ask him/her about the special achievement if any
  • What is the current situation of the family
  • His/her wishes, what he/she wants to be, wants to do etc

These are the rough materials for your case study. Now follow this template for completing your case study.

  • Title
  • The Situation
  • Introduction of the hero
  • Uniqueness in the Story
  • Conclusion
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