Career Tips for Social Work Students

There are vast opportunities in the Social Work field. With this article, I am sharing my personal experience with the career in social work.

As you know social work is continues learning process. No one can be a master and genius in social work as there are various challenges in our society. So better you will choose one single root to gain experience. It may be child care, child development, women empowerment or any other. More you will do the field work, more experience and knowledge you will gain so field work is very essential part of the social work.

After the graduation or post graduation in social work, you have to join any NGO for experience. If you want to go for higher studies, then you can choose M.Phil or P.hd but if your goal is to start earning with learning then job will be beneficial to you.

By entering in the NGO field, you can start your professional journey. You can also try for the CSR opportunities or govt job but if you want to start quickly, join any NGO. With the help of your job in NGO, you will face the different challenges and chance to apply the tool and techniques you studied in your class room. My personal experience says that join a good NGO while doing your field work.

There is huge scope in the social work field, so don’t worry about the right job. Put your sharp eyes on the jobs portal for good career opportunity in social work sector.

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