Important Environmental Dates

Here is the list of some of the most important environmental dates.

  • February 2    World Wetlands Day
  • March 22       World Water Day
  • March 23       World Meteorology Day
  • April 22          Earth Day
  • May 9             International Bird Day
  • May 22           International Biodiversity Day
  • June 5           World Environment Day
  • June 8           Oceans Day
  • June 17         World Day of the Fight against Desertification and Drought
  • July 11           World Population Day
  • 2nd Thursday in July        Arbor Day
  • September 16          International Ozone Layer Preservation Day
  • 3rd weekend of September         International Campaign “To Clean the World”
  • Last week of September World Maritime Day
  • 1st Monday of October     World Habitat Day
  • 2nd Wednesday of October        International Day for the Reduction of Natural  Disasters
  • October 16   World Food Day
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