How to Improve Social Work Skills during the Field Work Practice

If you are doing your social work course field work practice, then you are on the right page. With this article I am providing information about how to improve the social skills during the field work practice session.

In MSW or BSW course, the students have to do field work training in any NGO or development agency. In the field work, you will meet with several professionals, social workers and entrepreneurs. It is the right time to start the networking. Share your contact details with the colleagues of the NGO and establish a professional relationship with them. They will sure help you in setting your career.

Also show your full potential while doing the field work. Do the every work you have assigned in your field work. That will give you a positive reputation among the agency’s professional.

Use the communication skills. Talk with your seniors and ask them if you are facing any problem in the social field work.

Relationship is the key to solve any issue so it is very recommendable to start a professional journey during the social work practice.

Improve Social Work Skills during the Field Work Practice

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