Difference between IGNOU Field Work Journal MSWL001 and MSWL002

IGNOU MSW Field Work Journal
Field work is the important component in the IGNOU MSW course. You have to do field work in both years of study.

In the first year of journal MSWL001, we have to cover reporting on induction meeting, five ngo’s orientation visits, 45 concurrent reports, individual and group conferences with a self evaluation report.

And in the second year of study i.e. in the MSWL002, the entire first year activities will be there and you have to perform some other important activities and sessions.

They are

  • Individual case work
  • Group work
  • Community organization
  • Social Welfare Administration
  • Social Action

So the second year field work is more important as compare to the first year. The second year of field work will give you complete knowledge of doing the social work with individuals, group and community. You will use various social work techniques in the second year like interview, focus group discussion, event organizations and social action.

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