Tools of Social Case Work

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As a professional social worker, you need to know about the tools of social case work. There are numbers of social case work tools and you can generate new one from your own end. With this article, I am telling about popular tools of social work.

First of all, you need to create a professional relationship with your client. You client is your project and you need to work on his/her development. The tools required for this work are

1. Listening – You must need to have active listening. It is the biggest tool of social work. You need to listen your client very carefully.

2. Observation – observe the nature, problems and needs of your client.

3. Interview – you can find information regarding your client by taking personal interview or counseling.

4. Home Visit – For more information on your client’s behavior, you can take home visit from where you can find more info from his/her family members. Remember family members may or may not be interested with your activity so you need to create a professional relationship with your client’s family members too.

5. Relationship – It is very important tool of social work.

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