IGNOU Group Conference Field Work Report

IGNOU Group Conference If you are filling your group conference report on the field work journal, I am here to help you. On this section, you need to fill group discussion between all of the students in your batch. Your supervisor will conduct a group discussion meeting on any particular date and you need to write various details on your field work journal about this meeting.

Group conference may contain discussion of students on NGOS where they visited for 45 days orientation. You need to write report on 5 different NGOS on the space available on the journal. In the group conference, you can write reviews of any student on any particular NGO where he performed for 45 days orientated program like how he feels about the social work, how the NGO works, fund raising, staff of the NGO, current projects, numbers of beneficiaries and all other things regarding to particular NGO. You have to do minimum 5 group conference on these topics.

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