List of NGO Acronyms

ngoHere is the list of the some of the popular NGO acronyms.

BINGO: ‘Business-friendly international NGO’ or ‘Big international NGO’

TANGO: ‘Technical assistance NGO’

TSO: ‘Third-sector organization’

GONGO: ‘Government-operated NGOs’

DONGO: ‘Donor organized NGO’

INGO: ‘International NGO’

CSO: ‘Civil Society Organization’

ENGO: ‘Environmental NGO,’ such as Greenpeace and WWF

NNGO: ‘Northern NGO’

PANGO: ‘Party NGO,’ set up by parties and disguised as NGOs to serve their political matters.

SNGO: ‘Southern NGO’

SCO: ‘Social change organization’

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