How to Write IGNOU MSW Dissertation Project Work

If you are planning to start your dissertation, you are on the right page. With this article, I am providing some tips about how to prepare the final presentation of the IGNOU MSW dissertation i.e Project Work.

First of all, you have to prepare the research synopsis that contains the complete information about your research area like title, sampling methods, sample size, universe and research questions.

After finalizing the research synopsis, you have to prepare your final presentation.

Broadly you can divide your dissertation into 6 chapters.

  • Chapter 1 : Introduction
  • Chapter 2 : Review of Literature
  • Chapter 3 : Research Methodology
  • Chapter 4 : Presentation and data analysis
  • Chapter 5 : Conclusion
  • Chapter 6 : Recommendations

If you are facing any problem in writing the dissertation, feel free to contact me. I will help you regarding the dissertation.

IGNOU MSW Dissertation Project Work

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