How to Write IGNOU Field Work Report Sample Field Work Report

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If you are facing problems in writing your field work report, check this sample report for your help.

Here I am providing sample Performa of IGNOU field work report.

Sample Field Work Report

Day 1

Time and Date: 14 August, 10 AM to 5 PM

Place: Bal Sahyog Home, New Delhi

Activities to be done today

  1. Case work with children to find out their problems
  2. Develop plan to solve the problems of children by various social work techniques.

Work Done

Volunteer reached the office around 10 AM and did report to his field work supervisor. He discussed about the today’s plan with supervisor and started his work.

He reached to the NFE section of Bal Sahyog where he found out 3 children for case work project. The names of the child were

  1. Bhanu
  2. Salim
  3. Sintu Kumar

Volunteer started to work with these 3 children. He found that Bhnau and Salim are mentally retired children so that they required extra care and attention while Sintu Kumar is an average boy. Sintu Kumar was a new boy in the Bal Sahyog and currently he was study in the NFE section. Volunteer also found that Sintu Kumar was also a good student but during his study his father refused to pay his school’s fee so Sintu run away from home.

Volunteer read the case work history of all of these 3 students and found that the behavior of all these children was good. However Bhanu sometimes goes fright and used to fight with other children. Bhanu loves to dance and also sing. His favorite song was a bhjan, Arey Dwarpalo Kanhaiya se kah do, ki dar pe sudama gareeb aa gaya hai. Bhanu also used to sing his hometown songs.

On the other hand, Salim was also a good children and he used to have fun with other children. He loves to play with other children.  Bhanu and Salim was good friend.

Volunteer started to talk with these children and found that all of them were very good in nature. They were answering all the questions in good voice and without any fear.


During the case work, volunteer found that all the three children he picked for the case work were required extra love and care. Bhanu and Salim who were mentally retired boys need specialized person for handle them. However Sintu was good in study and other extracurricular activities.

Social Work Techniques Used

Volunteer used counseling social work technique in today’s work. He tried to find out the problems of the children picked by him for case work.

Next Day Plan

Find out the problems of children for case work.

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