How to Do Reporting – Report Writing Tips

Report writing is one of the essential works in professional social worker’s job and in NGO sector. With this article, I am featuring some information regarding how to do effective report writing.

  • It is helpful to first review about what you are going to write, who will be your reader and how your report writing will be beneficial to your readers.
  • Write in short sentences. Be sure that each sentence has 15-20 words. Long sentences can make your reader tired.
  • Use simple and effective words for making report.
  • Write in paragraph. Keep extra attention while creating paragraph. Focus only one matter in each paragraph.
  • Don’t use abuse words or double sound meaning words in your report. Abuse writing may be harmful to you as your readers may place objection on your report.
  • Don’t forget to double check the grammar error as well as spelling mistakes after completing your report.
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