Group Work with Children

Group Work with ChildrenIn MSW, you have to do group work with children, adults as well as people living with disability. This article is about how to do group work with children.

Before doing group work with children, you have to get information about the community where children live. You can find local information from your field work supervisor or the local community leader. With the help of small survey, you can also find the facts about the community where the children live. You can also take help of children by making them friends.

The next target is about how to start and what to do. As children like to play sports, so you can do sports activities with them. You have to keep some basics information about the game you are going to play with children. Choose a neat and clean place for your activities. Carom, chess, cards, ludo, and business are some of the most popular indoor games. These games are very popular among children hence you can decide any one game.

Create two groups of children and start playing with them. Observe all the activities of the children and it is good if you note them in your diary. Identify the children who are shying or not taking interest during the game. Note their name so that you can work on their confidence level. Do this activity for next 2-3 days and if the children do not modify their behavior, motivate them about team work and group work. Don’t forget to provide gifts to the children who played well.

Group work is one of the important tools. This tool is very helpful to professional social worker and provides support to find your client.

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