IGNOU MSW Exam Preparation Tips


So you have been started the study for your MSW exam. I am sure that you are not going to staty the entire blocks of IGNOU MSW Course. So I am here to provide some tips about how to prepare for the MSW exam. First of all download the last 5 years question papers from the IGNOU website and prepare the topics only. If you are facing any problem in downloading the previous year’s question papers of MSW course, contact me. I will send you the right links of IGNOU MSW previous years question papers.

Also I will suggest you to make practice of writing as the questions are very long consume huge time to write. Write 3-4 pages each day so that you can get the good writing speed at the examination hall. Attempt all the questions in exam. Start from writing the 600 words questions as they take big time to complete. For the 600 words answers, you need to make an introduction, after that main body and in the last the conclusion of the answer.

There will be internal choice in all questions so read all the questions carefully and attempt the best questions you can prepare.

Best of luck for your IGNOU MSW exam.

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Difference between IGNOU Field Work Journal MSWL001 and MSWL002

IGNOU MSW Field Work Journal
Field work is the important component in the IGNOU MSW course. You have to do field work in both years of study.

In the first year of journal MSWL001, we have to cover reporting on induction meeting, five ngo’s orientation visits, 45 concurrent reports, individual and group conferences with a self evaluation report.

And in the second year of study i.e. in the MSWL002, the entire first year activities will be there and you have to perform some other important activities and sessions.

They are

  • Individual case work
  • Group work
  • Community organization
  • Social Welfare Administration
  • Social Action

So the second year field work is more important as compare to the first year. The second year of field work will give you complete knowledge of doing the social work with individuals, group and community. You will use various social work techniques in the second year like interview, focus group discussion, event organizations and social action.

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How to Improve Social Work Skills during the Field Work Practice

If you are doing your social work course field work practice, then you are on the right page. With this article I am providing information about how to improve the social skills during the field work practice session.

In MSW or BSW course, the students have to do field work training in any NGO or development agency. In the field work, you will meet with several professionals, social workers and entrepreneurs. It is the right time to start the networking. Share your contact details with the colleagues of the NGO and establish a professional relationship with them. They will sure help you in setting your career.

Also show your full potential while doing the field work. Do the every work you have assigned in your field work. That will give you a positive reputation among the agency’s professional.

Use the communication skills. Talk with your seniors and ask them if you are facing any problem in the social field work.

Relationship is the key to solve any issue so it is very recommendable to start a professional journey during the social work practice.

Improve Social Work Skills during the Field Work Practice

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List of NGO Acronyms

ngoHere is the list of the some of the popular NGO acronyms.

BINGO: ‘Business-friendly international NGO’ or ‘Big international NGO’

TANGO: ‘Technical assistance NGO’

TSO: ‘Third-sector organization’

GONGO: ‘Government-operated NGOs’

DONGO: ‘Donor organized NGO’

INGO: ‘International NGO’

CSO: ‘Civil Society Organization’

ENGO: ‘Environmental NGO,’ such as Greenpeace and WWF

NNGO: ‘Northern NGO’

PANGO: ‘Party NGO,’ set up by parties and disguised as NGOs to serve their political matters.

SNGO: ‘Southern NGO’

SCO: ‘Social change organization’

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How to Write IGNOU MSW Dissertation Project Work

If you are planning to start your dissertation, you are on the right page. With this article, I am providing some tips about how to prepare the final presentation of the IGNOU MSW dissertation i.e Project Work.

First of all, you have to prepare the research synopsis that contains the complete information about your research area like title, sampling methods, sample size, universe and research questions.

After finalizing the research synopsis, you have to prepare your final presentation.

Broadly you can divide your dissertation into 6 chapters.

  • Chapter 1 : Introduction
  • Chapter 2 : Review of Literature
  • Chapter 3 : Research Methodology
  • Chapter 4 : Presentation and data analysis
  • Chapter 5 : Conclusion
  • Chapter 6 : Recommendations

If you are facing any problem in writing the dissertation, feel free to contact me. I will help you regarding the dissertation.

IGNOU MSW Dissertation Project Work

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Importance of Field Work In Social Work Course

Importance of Field Work In Social Work Course

Field work is one of the essential parts of the social work course. Either you are doing BSW or MSW, field work is very important for getting the professional social work skills.

With the field work practice, you will receive information about how the NGO works. It is very important to learn about the NGO management, if you want to be a professional social worker.

While doing the field work, you will meet with several people in the field. This will enhance your communication skills. The very basic characteristic of the social worker is having the effective communication skills. You will deal with several cases while doing the field work that will give you an idea about how to make plans for solving the problems.

The field work practice is also very important for gaining the real experience of problems. You will see about how the people are facing problems in their daily life.

In the IGNOU MSW course, you have to perform 45 days of field work. These 45 days are very important for every student for gaining the professional social work attitude.

The field work practice also provides information on how the NGO prepare the planning and projects.

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List of Questionnaires While Taking an Interview during the Case Work With Child

Data-Collection-ToolsDuring the social work practice, you will do case work. In this session, you have to collect information about your client with the help of questions. You can use various kinds of questionnaires for the case work session. Asking question is one of the most important data collection tools.

Here is the list of some of the basic questions to be asked while taking an interview with the client.

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Sex
  4. Birth placeSocial Case Work
  5. Education
  6. Daily wages
  7. Duty hours
  8. Type of work
  9. Nature of work
  10. School dropout reasons if any
  11. Father name
  12. Father education
  13. Father occupation
  14. Father Salary
  15. Mother Name
  16. Mother education
  17. Mother occupation
  18. Mother Salary (if working)
  19. Numbers of siblings
  20. Siblings details
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IGNOU MSW Research Work Synopsis

IGNOU MSW Research Work is an important paper. Using the IGNOU MSW Research Work, you can gain experience in doing the research. For understanding the IGNOU MSW Research Work synopsis, you can contact on the email Id of Harish.

IGNOU MSW Research Work is also very helpful for the students who are looking career in the field of social work research. The MSW 006 paper is an important paper using that you can cover information on the IGNOU MSW Research Work.

For more information on the IGNOU MSW Research Work, feel free to send an email.

IGNOU MSW Research Work Synopsis

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Bal Sahyog – Famous Children Home in Delhi

Sponsor a child in africa now!

Bal SahyogBal Sahyog is one of the famous children homes in Delhi. It is the oldest children home located in the Central Delhi. This children home is registered as a NGO under section 80G.

Basically this NGO works on child development and child education but there are 6 more centers where women empowerment programs are running successfully.

Founded by former Prime Minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi, Bal Sahyog offers residential accommodation to more than 100 children. Prime Minister of India is the patron of this NGO.

This non government organization is promoted by various CSR activities. The major donors of this NGO include Tech Mahindra, Essel Foundation, GAIL, BHEL, Delhi Government and Central Government. There are numbers of individuals who contributed to the NGO in the form of money, ration, clothes, sweets, stationeries and more.

At present, Mrs. Reva Nayyar is the chairperson of this children home. She is a retired IAS Officer. She has a great experience of management and administration. She has more than 40 years of rich experience. She worked with numbers of government organization like Joint Secretary Lok Sabha, Joint Secretary Deptt. of Revenue, and Advisor Planning Commission.

Haresh Gupta is serving as an Executive Director of this NGO. He is a well-trained doctor and serving from the last 2 years.

Bal Sahyog is the home to numbers of helpless, orphan and neglected children. All the children in the NGO live like a family. This children home offers great accommodation as well as education support. The children who are mentally retired used to learn basic education in the non formal education cell. There is a school in the campus of this NGO. This school is supported by Delhi Government.

Bal Sahyog celebrates all the festivals with great joy and enthusiasm. Every year, children of this NGO participate in various competitions like dance, fancy dress, quiz, debate, singing and more. Numbers of celebrities came to the NGO for entertain children. Last month, Brett Lee (famous Australian Cricketer) was there to promote his NGO. He spent good time with the children of Bal Sahyog.

As a volunteer, I found numbers of great things to learn in this NGO. I established good relationship with the children of the Bal Sahyog. It was a great experience to connect with children who have been lost their parents, their family. I used to visit the NGO frequently. There are numbers of good students in this NGO. But Vijay, Raja and Sintu Kumar are my favorite students.

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